About Arts by Elephants, our elephant artists: where they are, what they do and how you can help.

Arts by Elephants the home of elephant art. Our painting elephants love to show their artistic side

Hey guys! It’s artsbyelephants.com here! Bringing you our first blog post!

Suda the elephant painting on canvas

This is Suda the elephant painting on canvas. She is one of 3 painting elephants at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai

So what are we all about? Primarily artsbyelephants.com endeavours to be the premier retailer of elephant art. Yup, that’s right! Art painted by elephants! We have a host of canvas bags “trunk painted” by our elephant artists. We also stock a variety of wonderful accessories and home decor inspired by these wonderful animals. Profits from the sales of elephant art go towards maintainingcaring for, and feeding these majestic creatures.

We are delighted to be in collaboration with the community project taking place at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai, North Thailand. This is a place dedicated to the survival of the Asian elephant, the employment of marginalised northern tribes people, all wrapped in an ethos of giving to the planet, making a sustainableenvironmentally friendly initiative. Its our privilege to be part of something that is so very special.

With this in mind we strive to be an informative resource on the culture, style and current predicament of the indigenous tribes of North Thailand; as well as providing information on all the elephants, the painting process and the owners at the camp. We will have continual updates about all things elephant related on our Facebook fan page; “Arts by Elephants” and through our website.

We know you guys love those cute little baby elephants, so we will provide information on all new infant calves with tonnes of pictures and videos for your enjoyment!


About artbyelephants

I love elephants...... I love art. I love elephants that paint art and baby elephants and art by elephants... and elephants that paint art Oh and elephants. I really like elephants.
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